Structure of the briefing


Relevant facts and figures, Wikipedia style: who, when, what, how. Only verifiable information.


What is the customer's purpose - why is the customer doing, what he is doing? The why. The reason. The driver. The focus.

Road Map

What initiatives are planned to pursue the purpose?
What is planned now, what comes then, what comes later, what comes maybe?

Cycle related goals

Why is the customer coming to you? Try to keep this simple! Limit to the Cycle only!

Expected results

  • What are the expected results?
  • By when should the results be delivered?
  • What would the customer like to take home?

Define the minimal scope.
(It's better to exceed the minimal scope than to promise a lot and not keep your promise)

Resources (time, money, others)

  • What resources does the customer make available?
  • What resources does the Champ want to make available?

Success Criteria

How do we measure the project's success?