Motivate your community

In a world full of distraction and activism, it is a big challenge to make sure innovators are motivated. Champs often forget about this vital factor, especially in ongoing innovation work. This leads to many projects going dormant after an invigorating launch.

Proven motivation factors

Many motivation factors are not expensive...

Briefing highlights

  • Share the briefing highlights.
  • Interesting challenges motivate!


  • Work with well composed teams.
  • It’s very motivating to work with interesting people.

 Food, drinks, location

  • Simple things like nice food, good drinks or an unusual location have a big impact on short term motivation.

Share credits

  • Share the credits for the outcome with all participants.
  • Let participants share their experience.


  • Some participants might expect or simply depend on being paid for participating.

Be nice, communicate well

  • Say please + thank you and keep participants updated: it’s motivating and a good investment.
Maslow's pyramid

This chart explains the important basics of human action.

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Motivation matrix