Have a look at the results

Simply click on any green results field to get links to all results for this process steps

Inspirations → Results of the Amassing phase

  • Results by Question: for every question all the answers in an alphabetical sequence
  • Results A to Z. All answers of all question sorted A to Z
  • Results in random order
  • The newspaper as a PDF: To customize the newspaper please visit the settings → print settings → discovery newspaper

Ideas → Results of the discovery phase

  • You can access the results online, e.g. to copy and paste to a word processor
  • You can access the results in the markdown format - this is ideal for copying to a page
  • You can look at the results form of cards

Likes → Results from the Like phase

The digital likes and manually entered like (by minute takers) are summed up

  • Look at the online like report
  • Or download it as a PDF

Criteria ratings → Results of the Criteria Scan

  • Show results to finetune and refine
  • Or download the report as a PDF document

Ideas for Idea Selection

  • Look at all the ideas - raw format for export
  • Or download your ideas selection presentation

Idea Selection votes

  • Look at the results online, e.g. to share with the participants - look at acceptance and polarisation of every idea - read the comments and see who would like to be involved.
  • Download the selection report as a PDF

Signs of interest-based on Idea Selection

Have a look at who is interested in joining the implementation team for a specific initiative. This feature needs to be set to active in the settings menu → general settings → idea selection settings. This is part of the selection report (final chapter)


Shows what initiatives are on the roadmap and in what lane they are.